A room for every purpose

Berkenhof has 4 rooms and a wintergarden. You can combine the rooms to accommodate on the number of guests.
You always have one room for the meeting aswell as one room for coffee breaks and lunch.
Provided a supplement you can have more rooms for the meeting if you need to split up in separate groups.
Also for party-occasions you have seperate rooms for the aperitif or reception aswell as for dinner and danceparty. If the weather is fine you can have the aperitif or reception outside on the terrace.
For the meetings we have at yours disposal a slide-projector, screen (2.40 - 2.40), 1 beamer (for the first reservation),flip-chart with paper and pens, sound installation with microphone (only in the great hall), Tv+video (if necessary). Other wants such as an extra beamer, internet... to discuss.